Technology & Impact — a perfect match

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Science and technology are the engines that have moved humanity forward since the dawn of civilization. From mastering fire to inventing the wheel, through farming and controlling water, the invention of heavy machinery and all the way to AI and quantum computing —…

Chemi Peres and Cecile Blilious

At Pitango, we believe that profits and purpose can reinforce one another in a mutually beneficial relationship whereby a company’s impact potential increases with its profitability. That’s why we’re pioneering a new approach to mainstream impact methodologies and metrics in the VC world, an approach…

Credit: Taylor Simpson

Bringing purpose into venture capital

Chemi Peres, Rami Kalish, Cecile Blilious

Israel, May 2020

, a leading Israeli VC, is going to be supporting robust purpose-driven startups and embracing the world of sustainability and impact alongside its long-lasting strategy focused on delivering superior returns to its stakeholders. Those impact-aligned startups…

Cecile Blilious

Head of Impact & Sustainability at Pitango Venture Capital, Israel

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